Core Health Testimonial – Tim Van Atta

Core Health Testimonial – Tim Van Atta

Tim Van Atta Core Health Testimonial
Sarasota, Fl – June 2010
Facilitator – Michael Barrett
Co-Facilitator – Alexandra Barrett

Tim Van Atta

“As a child I was severely abused.

Twenty three years ago I was advised to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist fundamentally told me that that the child abuse was not important and that he had drugs that would make me feel better.

He said the past was not important and with his mind altering drugs, my future would be good.

After 23 years of being given stronger and stronger psychiatric medication, I became unable to care for myself. My ability to communicate with other people disappeared and gradually I went from being a self-sufficient responsible adult to a despondent, helpless individual.

Fortunately, when suicide and despair were all I had left, I met some people who realized what was happening to me. They took me first to holistic doctors who helped me stop the destructive psychiatric drugs and introduced me to Core Health.

After a few months of taking Core Health and Heart Forgiveness, coupled with numerous private Core Health sessions and the help of my new doctors, I was able to gradually reduce and then get off the habit forming, mind altering prescription drugs the psychiatrist had me addicted to.

My psychiatrists had no way of resolving child abuse. From my experience, psychiatric drugs numb the pain and eventually the dosage of the drugs has to be increased to the point where you become a helpless human being.

In my personal experience, if you are sincere about Core Health and Heart Forgiveness, the emotional and Spiritual damage that child abuse causes can be fixed.

For me, doctors always treat the symptoms. They never fix the cause. Core Health fixes the cause and releases the Spirit.”

Tim Van Atta – 67
Workshop – Core Health