February 2005

February 2005

Tracy Huber Overcomes Injury

Completely worn out. That''s the last thing you would ever think of when describing Tracy Huber, Kentucky ''s fastest female cyclist. Actually, she was never worn out, but her hip was. What really comes to mind when considering Huber and her incredible comeback is a Pegasus, rising up from the ashes to fly. Continued >>

What the New Dietary Guidelines 2005 Actually Mean and How to Translate Them into a Healthy Active Lifestyle.

Part One: The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005

The new dietary guidelines for Americans for 2005 were recently announced. The outgoing health and human service secretary, Tommy Thompson said, “The guidelines are a combination of good science and common sense. They are a prescription we can write for us, fill for ourselves and be healthier and happier for it. Our best medicines are no farther away than the shelves of the grocery and the sidewalks outside our doors.” Continued >>

Is Pilates For You?

Pilates is the answer for anyone seeking a greater sense of well being, a solid foundation and a mind-body connection. Pilates challenges all levels of fitness, from someone who is deconditioned and wanting to get fit to the elite athlete looking to improve. Top-notch athletes such as Tiger Woods have already incorporated Pilates with their training programs for mastering sports such as golf, tennis, baseball and football. Continued >>

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