What to Expect Before You're Expecting

What to Expect Before You're Expecting

Reviewed by: marriedfilingjointly

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The Review:

There is some awesome data in "What to Expect Before You''re Expecting". It''s an impressive starting point if you wish to get a jump on reading up about pre-conception health. It''s also a nice conversation starter with your partner (it''s awesome for both mother and father to spend some time reading the book, both the mother and father sections).

The information on trouble trying to conceive was particularly useful. However, after hearing all the hype about the What To Hope series, I expected it to be a better written book. The book had some continuity issues. It looked like paragraphs and maybe even sections had been copied and pasted straight out of the other books without checking for continuity.

Acronyms would be used over and over and over again and never defined. Meanwhile, the acronym Std demonstrates up for the hundredth time around page 200 and is defined. Pretty confident we all know what Stds are, and if we don''t, we googled it 150 pages ago. But thanks.

Sometimes things would be mentioned in passing, never to be added up again. Get your blood tested for your Rh factor, and if you are positive, make confident your partner isn''t. What?. This sounds actually serious. What does this mean? Yeah, the book totally leaves you hanging.

Google it. Again, I hope that if the book is going to bring it up, explain to me why this is so hight-priority. Some sections left me with more question than answers. ie, it encouraged readers to drink lots of milk.

Ok awesome, but more adult women are lactose intolerant than not. Since the book advised moms-to-be to limit soy, what alternatives should we seek for upping calcium intake? The author actually didn''t have plenty of suggestions. And speaking of soy, the author was very vague. Generally, don''t eat plenty of it.

Well, what''s plenty? If I use it on my cereal and cooking as my constant substitute for milk, is that plenty? I know what to do to get my calcium, but I expected the book to cover it, given the detail it went into in other areas. Finally, the writing style was obnoxious at times. It was like sitting next to your cheesy inappropriate uncle at dinner and listening to him laugh at his own lame jokes and tell teehee Get It? See What I Did There. That''s A Pun. Yeah, we got it, thanks. Not that comic.

Luckily the author had the tact to drop the act in the sections about problems to Ttc. Again, overall, awesome information in "What to Expect Before You''re Expecting", and it is worth the read despite my criticisms of the writing style. I hope when the next version comes out, they will have cleared up some of these problems.

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