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Food Can Be A Natural Remedy

Food can be a natural remedy for many ailments. Unfortunately, many people in the world don’t eat right these days, especially Americans and Europeans. Processed foods loose many of the nutrients that they originally had, including vitamins. This leads many people to take supplements, which can be very good for you at times. It also leads people to seek pharmacological solutions to many of their problems.

There is a movement in the western world however to seek a natural remedy to a health problem, and often times that natural remedy can revolve around food. Healthy eating can make a world of difference in healthy living.

When looking at food as a natural remedy for many ailments, first understand what food is and what it does. Food is the fuel for your body, providing nutrition and energy. One of the things that good food does is strengthen the immune system. A strong immune system fights off disease. Hence, healthy eating means a strong immune system, a natural remedy at its best.The End of Ulcers (Psychology Today)

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Taking preventive measures and reacting at the first sign of queasiness can smooth the road for travelers afflicted by motion sickness.Natural Remedies Blog Hosts Carnival of Healing (About.com)

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Remember the old folk saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. There is truth in that saying. Apples are a natural remedy to fatigue because of the natural sugar they contain, as well as vitamins. In addition, apples are full of fiber and can be a natural remedy for bowel blockage.

Apples are also a good source of vitamin C and are a good natural remedy for the common cold. Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, and tomatoes all contain large amounts of vitamin C as well as other vitamins and are a great natural remedy for the cold and other ailments.

Knowing that these vitamins found in food serve as a natural remedy to many illnesses should lead a person to examine their diet and add whole grains, fruits, vegetables, natural sources of fiber and lean meats. Protein found in lean meat, eggs, fish, poultry, cheese, and nuts is a natural remedy for fatigue, and helps the immune system develop.

Oats, such as those found in normal breakfast oatmeal are a natural remedy for high cholesterol. Jalapeno peppers, high in iron—more iron per ounce than beef liver – are also an unthought-of of source of vitamin C, and actually contain more vitamin C per gram than equivalent citrus fruits, with the additional benefit of spicing up a meal and adding some zest. With that in mind, keep in mind that often the best natural remedy to any ailment is improving your eating habits.

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