A Selection of Prose by Martin Exeter

A Selection of Prose by Martin Exeter


Any moment of hating,

Any moment of lying,

Any moment of resentment,

Is a moment of dying.

Any moment of loving,

Any moment of giving,

Any moment of thankfulness,

Is a moment of living.

All our moments add together

Like the digits in a sum,

And the answer tells us plainly

Whether life or death shall come.


I am in heaven.

The revelation of myself is holy.

My kingdom comes because I am here.

My will is done in earth because my will is done in heaven.

I give the bread of life in each moment of my living on earth.

I forgive, and that forgiveness is received by those who share the spirit of forgiveness.

I lead no one into tribulation, but deliver all evil into the creative cycle.

For mine is the kingdom present on earth because I am present on earth.

Mine is the creative power of the Word.

And mine is the glory which results, shining round about, to be reflected by the world which I create.


Whatever arises, let me dwell in the secret place of the Most High.

Let there be a place of stillness in the midst of turmoil.

Let there be a place of light amidst the darkness.

Let there be a place of ease amid disease.

Let there be a place of order in the chaos.

Let there be a place of love and beauty in the midst of fear and ugliness.

Let my presence be a beacon of enfolding radiance in every circumstance.