A Healthy Body Can Happen For You, Too!

A Healthy Body Can Happen For You, Too!

A healthy body is a beautiful thing! It is the reason you can get up in the morning and go about your business. Your body is your earth-suit, so make sure it''s running at tip-top shape.

Astronauts have spacesuits, and depend on their suit systems to work at an optimal level to stay alive, so shouldn''t your body need to reach and maintain good health to keep the real you, inside, healthy too?

What''s your first thought when you think of your healthy body? Your weight? If you''re like most women, you do, and about half of men think of their weight, too. And then you think about losing it.

Get this first, though. Thin does not equal healthy. Of course we each have a "best" weight, but best does not mean "lowest possible." You can find a information about healthy body fat percentage and healthy weight on this page. Do you worry about your blood pressure? You can find out what your healthy blood pressure should be on this page.

You can achieve and maintain a healthy body without going to extremes. Good food, exercise and regular sleep are the ingredients in this simple recipe. If you do these things steadily, step by step you will begin to change your inside condition - which will then show on the outside in better hair, skin, nails, weight; and your general appearance will certainly improve.

Healthy teeth are an integral part of your healthy lifestyle. Zillions of bacteria grow in there each day, so check out these tips for maintaining a cleaner and healthier mouth.

Getting healthy is a process, not a product. It''s like taking a train ride. You''ll have a good trip if you enjoy the journey and not fret about how long it will take to reach your destination. Enjoy the scenery along the way, and the changes you''ll notice inside and outside. Only be careful to stay on the track.

The train may move slowly as you take your baby steps toward a healthy body, but it sill still be going in the right direction.

So how do you stay motivated on your journey? As with any other endeavor, you need a vision. Do you want to feel more energetic, develop better muscles, have clearer skin and thicker hair? Set a goal or two to start you off in the right direction. Don''t overwhelm yourself with visions of perfection. "Perfect" will never happen because you''ll always find something to pick on yourself about. "Better than I was" is firmly in the realm of possibility; something you can begin to see in a few weeks.

My first goal was to eat better so I read a few diet books, trying to avoid fads and extremes. After all, I can''t live long on a diet that doesn''t fit me, can you? It''s taken awhile, with some mistakes along the way, but "mostly" I make good choices now. I found those books to help me on my way and once in a while I pull one out and re-read parts of it to remember what I was motivated about in the first place.

Don''t spend too much time worrying about your goals - set them and then take steps toward them. The point is just to get up and DO it! I have two chores around here that are difficult to get motivated for. Ugh. If I think and think about them, and how much work they will be, they don''t happen. But if I pick up a dust rag or a garden cultivator, and just get up and Do It, somehow it gets done! And my house is less dusty and my garden is (mostly) weed free. So, while you have a goal or two to reach, don''t slow yourself down by obsessing over them.

As you take your small steps, your healthy body will begin to emerge from its fatigue, grouchiness and gloom to better fitness and a happier state of mind.

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