Accreditation and Quality Compliance Consultation

Accreditation and Quality Compliance Consultation

Training in Interpretation and Compliance with Quality Standards
Successful compliance with accreditation or quality standards requires knowledge of the intent of standards and the various ways in which standards can be met. MCPP consultants have presented local and national level courses to improve participants'' abilities to achieve full compliance with various types of quality standards, including National Committee for Quality Assurance and Baldrige Criteria. Offerings are tailored to the organization and to the size and expertise of the participants.

Assessment and Mock Surveys
One of the best ways to determine current levels of performance and compliance is to conduct a test against standards or requirements. Consultants can either evaluate the processes and documentation against a specific standard, or conduct a mock survey against a full set of standards. This evaluation gives the client an indication of the most critical areas needing attention and suggestions for activities that will bring the organization to a higher level of compliance.

Assessment Matrix Example from Mock Survey


Description of Gap

Area Responsible

Resource Sensitive

Complaints & appeals process & handling of complaints & appeals

Currently, we are only partly in compliance with the standard due to lack of timeliness of the appeals process

Lead: Operations

IT resources and Training support needed

Member Access to Services

For full compliance on member access, we must write a policy, analyze the data that we have generated over the last year against our standards, and take action on the conclusions by 2/00

Provider Contracting

IT support for data is critical to compliance with these standards

Compliance Program Development and Implementation
Some organizations need assistance in the development and implementation of their compliance programs for meeting required quality and performance standards. Hiring additional FTEs to perform this function may not be cost effective or feasible. MCPP consultants work with operations staff to develop and implement compliance programs. The consultant provides the expertise in the standards and how to meet them, while the internal staff executes the implementation of the plans.