Facts about Imedeen from Pharmacy Health Care

Facts about Imedeen from Pharmacy Health Care

world''s first clinicAlly proven internal skincare. It was discovered

in the early 1980''s by two renowned Swedish scientists, Ake and Atti-la

Dahlgren. It was then extensively researched and tested by scientists

and dermatologists for several years prior to its launch in Europe in

1991. Imedeen is a natural nutritional supplement based on a unique

Bio Marine Complex, containing proteins and polysaccharides identical

to those found in the skin. To this formula, Vitamin C (Acerola Powder)

and zinc have been added, both of which are necessary to the well-being

Those Allergic to seafood must be aware that the special formulation

is from a marine base and therefore be aware of potential reactions.

Clinical studies have not revealed any side effects associated with

the use of Imedeen. Some people may initiAlly experience a temporary

skin reaction such as pimples, but these usuAlly disappear with continued

use of Imedeen. People with an Allergy to seafood or other marine products

should consult their doctor before taking Imedeen.

No interactions have so far been reported. Imedeen is a natural nutritional

supplement; hence interactions are highly unlikely. However, if you

are seriously ill or under constant medical supervision, pregnant or

breastfeeding, you should not take any supplements without consulting

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