The Movement  healthy when wet

The Movement healthy when wet

Must See Video: Story of Bottled Water (8 minutes)

The words that you are reading belong to you and me. It may be that one person’s fingers stroked the keys to commit these words to the page, but without our shared listening this message would not be created. We are all connected and we are suffering. We want to create a better world, but we haven’t known how.  We want to believe we have the power to create anything but like a bird readying for its first flight we are scared to jump from the safety of our nest. Well, my fellow chickadees, it is time to jump. We have the power to create any type of world we want and it is time to own our brilliance.

Maryanne Williamson wrote that it is our light and not our darkness that scares us the most and my observation after puzzling over that idea for 15 years is that it is true. We are more scared of being our powerful selves than anything else. The thing is not only are we scared of being all that we can be individually, we haven’t even come close to being who we can be collectively. There are so many great changes coming to the planet right now and there is a way that we can pull it all together and show ourselves that the changes are real and everything is going to be different. So, here’s the single action we can all take to own our collective power.

Today, right now, in this moment, we share this message with everyone across America. We spread a message and we all collectively take one action. As we do it, we will own our power to walk on water (metaphorically speaking of course) and the world will never be the same. The way we distribute and consume water is an insane waste of our resources. Let’s all stop buying bottled water. Today. That’s it. Right here, right now. Stop yourself and everyone you know and see.

Picture the news stories. America stands up and says that the systems we have created aren’t serving the people and it is time to create the change. Picture an entire industry stopping without a warning. Picture what the heads of corporations will think when they realize that the people have the power and we want solutions that honor humanity and our connection to the earth. No more listening to the lies from their spin doctors. I wonder what they would dream up to respond to this one. They would probably start buying their own product off the shelves to tell us that it is business as usual. But you know the old saying, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Well, if you never see anyone drink bottled water again, that would be conclusive. Let’s do this. Let’s stop now.

Whether you know it or not, deep down you hunger to know that you have the power to change the world and the truth is you do. Gandhi taught us to be the change we want to see in the world. Well, this is an action that is small enough that each of us can do our part and big enough that it will be as eerie as the time when no planes flew after 911. It will be the day when average Americans taught the system that we believe in using our resources judiciously. We can teach the world that we value our personal convenience and freedoms but not at the cost of hurting ourselves as a whole. Yes, it may be inconvenient as we all figure out new ways to hydrate ourselves with water that we have confidence to drink, but we can do it. We are up to the task.

Bottled water does not serve us. It is one of the greatest marketing coupes of all time. Imagine selling people something that they have in their homes that is virtually free. If you have concerns about the tap water in your home, go to and educate yourself about water filters and then buy the most appropriate system for your budget and beliefs. All we have to do is stop buying bottled water and the bottles will sit on the shelves. The trucks will come to a halt. The production of plastic bottles will stop. The extraction of water that belongs to communities will stop to. Corporate America will have to listen.

While the agenda for what Occupy Wall Street stands for may be unclear what they stand against is obvious. 99% of us are suffering. If the goal of our system is to use our resources judiciously to create healthy happy humans coexisting with the earth, than the system doesn’t work. Ending the plastic bottled water industry is something that all 99% of us can be for and it can change everything.

Where do we go from here?

In the short term, people will have two choices when it comes to drinking water. If you trust the tap, drink it. Carry a reusable stainless steel or glass bottle and drink from it. Drink from it often and hydrate your body with clear, clean, healthy water. If you have concerns about the tap, buy a point-of-use filter. Technology has improved. You can now buy a water pitcher with more toxin removing capability than a water treatment plant. It is easy to get a great filter for less than the cost of bottled water.

In the longer term, we need to enact more powerful laws and regulations and make the companies that pollute our waters clean them up. As we hold them accountable for the externalization of costs that occurs when they discharge toxins into the environment, they will switch to healthier technologies or whither under the burden of the costs they have been making us pay while they enjoy their Fat Cat bonuses. Approximately 7% of our water is used for drinking and yet we attempt to hold 100% of the water supply to the drinking water standard. Right now, we spend $46 billion annually on the water that comes into our homes. We spend $21billion on plastic bottled water. The solution involves spending that $21billion in the first year on point-of-use filters and then after that we can save substantially.

When we end the plastic bottle industry in a single collective active we will soar like eagles to previously unfathomable heights. As we own our power we will reeducate our companies as to what is really important. Depleting the earth’s resources on behalf of making profits for a few people doesn’t work anymore. Capitalism has been a great game to play for a long time, but the end is here and it is time for a new system of Cooperative Capitalism where we help one another and honor the planet we share.