Treat Your Own Neck

Treat Your Own Neck

Written by: Robin McKenzie, Autumnwood, Next Communications
Reviewed by: R. Marchand

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The Review:

I had neck pain along with tingling radiating down my arm to my index finger. Having had extensive experience with customers who needed physical treatment, I was fairly certain I had a cervical disk bulge/pinched nerve. I knew the routine with orthos and physical therapists and wanted to avoid spending both the time on office meatings and the cash, if at all likely.

I stopped my usual workout routines to give myself time to heal, took anti-inflammatories for a couple of weeks, purchased "Treat Your Own Neck" and followed it religiously, and acquired an arc4life cervical traction pillow. In a matter of a few weeks, the issue was completely resolved and has not returned several months later. I have really no pain and no restriction of movement. It is important that you not do more harm than nice by overdoing and/or improperly doing the workouts.

Of course, if I hadn''t seen improvement, I would have consulted a physician. (btw, I still sleep on the pillow and highly advise it. It gets you past that unhappy routine of backsliding in the healing workflow due to sleeping incorrect on the injury. It can be inconvenient initially, so ease into using it as recommended.

It literally offers light traction to the cervical spine when lying on your back and, if you move to the proper location on the pillow, offers impressive support while sleeping on either side.

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