A comprehensive guide to dog care for dog owners

A comprehensive guide to dog care for dog owners

One of the most important parts in the grooming routine for your dog is cleaning their ears. While it may not always be your top to-do list, it is essential to clean them regularly to help prevent common health problems.

The ears of your dog are the perfect spot for bacteria to grow and yeast, which can later cause serious infections.

Keeping the toenails of your dog short and clean is a must, and it is recommended to have them clipped at least once a week, or whenever you hear their toenails already clicking on a hard surface.

Dogs are not comfortable having their feet handled, so trimming their toenails might not be your best bonding time together. However, helping your dog get used to the routine at an early stage makes it easier for the both of you. Before you get the clippers and subject your dog for a trimming session, it is best to ask first the help of a veterinarian or groomer to show you how to properly trim the toenails of your dog to the right length.

Dogs are man’s best friend — says the most common cliche you will hear when it comes to our four-legged buddies. In return for your dog’s unwavering and unconditional love, it is only but right that you take utmost care of them. That said, you should start with the basic, which is feeding your dog with the right kind and amount of food. If you are a new dog owner, or are looking after a few dogs, this article will help you learn the proper ways of feeding your dog, as well as what not to do during their feeding time.