Breakfast Fruit Shake

Breakfast Fruit Shake

Breakfast fruit shake with greens!

I made myself and Ryan since we are only two home today a breakfast fruit shake it was nummy so i though i would share!

*8oz of milk, 1/2 a banana, 4-6 strawberries, and 2 scoops of greens!


The greens have 8+ servings of fruits and 8+ servings of veggies per dose which is two scoops, they are natural energy drink we have to flavors orange and berry.. That’s why I been playing with the berry one this week, to find good ways to mix it, tastes great in water, taste like berry flavored water, orange greens taste great in 100% orange juice, you cant taste them because they have orange flavor to them they do turn your water orange juice green , color kinda scares people from trying them but they are really nummy!

The greens have gave me the energy I need naturally without soda or energy drinks, and cheaper per dose and lots healthier/ less of a mess and less costly than buying all those fruits and veggies to make those green drinks many people do now days plus i cant have fresh fruits and veggies so for me this is giving me the nutrients i need for my daily servings plus it helps clean out all the junk in my system if I get sick or to keep me from getting sick (have only been sick once since i started greens i normally get sick all the time) if my kids get sick i give them greens too its really good for kids my kids love them they are sooo good and healthy!