Do braces hurt?

Do braces hurt?

After numerous appointments at the orthodontist, dental examinations, a lot of X-rays you finally take a decision that you or your child needs of bite correction with braces. After it has became clear for you how much do braces cost, the second question that you’ll certainly want an answer is “Do braces hurt?”

Patients always ask this question, because most people don’t like and they even are little afraid of visiting a dentist and teeth treatment. If to be absolutely exact, patients ask:

  • Do braces hurt when getting them on?
  • Do braces hurt during their wearing?
  • Do braces hurt when the doctor gets them off?

To answer these questions it’s necessary to tell about the stages of treatment that you will.


Do braces hurt when getting them on?

At this stage you have to spend much time at a dental chair till the doctor will do his laborious work. The orthodontist will glue a small rectangular bracket (which is made of metal, plastic or ceramic materials) to each tooth (according to the prearranged plan of treatment) with special glue. After that, he will connect brackets together with inserted in them a metal archwire, which is made of a special alloy. The archwire has some tension, the power of which will push teeth in the right direction for bite correction. Answering the question “Do braces hurt when getting them on?” we can say “No, it doesn’t hurt!” If only jaw muscles ache from long sitting with mouth open.

Do braces hurt during their wearing?

After you leave a dental office with braces-system in your mouth, some days (3-5 days usually) you will feel some discomfort, maybe strong enough. The reason in that the foreign body which has appeared in your mouth can chafe and hurt lips, cheeks and even your tongue in the case of using lingual braces. And these days some patients can feel a little dull ache in the teeth, which due to their movement. However, it depends of the individual pain threshold. Somebody has absolutely no pain, somebody it gives some inconvenience. So, at the initial stage we can answer “YES” the question “Do braces hurt during their wearing?” But it isn’t that unbearable pain, which we feel when the tooth affected with carries hurts. Respectively, it will not be too difficult to endure.

By first week’s end, most unpleasant feelings will pass and you will get used to the braces.

Only, you should remember during the wearing of braces you will need to come periodically to the orthodontist for their adjustment. Point is that the bite correction with braces assumes a gradual movement of the teeth in the right direction. This is achieved by using the archwire which connects brackets together. Periodically, it’s necessary to replace the wire by a more elastic. After replacement you can feel a hurt because of increased pressure, but the hurt will be less than in the first week of wearing the braces.

Do braces hurt when the doctor gets them off?

Usually, patients who have reached this stage don’t ask “Do braces hurt when the doctor gets them off?“. Because, firstly, fear of visiting the dentist escapes during this time, and secondly, patients are in joyful anticipation of the moment when they feel absence of the braces in mouth and, the most important, when they can smile broadly demonstrating their beautiful teeth.

P.S. There are some advices how to reduce pain and unpleasant feelings in the first week of wearing of braces.

  1. If the pain is rather intense, you can take painkillers which are sold without a prescription. Don’t forget to follow accurately the instruction on their application that there would be no overdose. Also pay attention to condition pills, usually such drugs shouldn’t be taken after snack, not on an empty stomach.
  2. In the case when braces irritate the mouth, you can use an orthodontic wax. It is pasted to the piece of system of braces which irritates you lip or cheek. Necessity to use wax will soon disappear because the oral mucosa would get used to braces.
  3. Also you can rinse your month with warm salt water to reduce pain.
  4. If braces already have wounded your oral mucosa, you can use special remedy, which relieve pain, decontaminate and accelerates the healing of wounds. Such remedies are available in a wide range and they are sold in any pharmacy. You can ask your orthodontist to recommend you one of these drugs or, if you have forgotten to do it, you can buy any remedy which a pharmacist recommends you.

That’s all we’ve wanted to tell you about in the article about the pain is inflicted by braces. We hope that the article will be useful for you and became another small step on the way to healthy straight teeth and delightful smile.