Hey, Balding Dude - I Know How to Fix You!  Fast, Easy Weight Loss

Hey, Balding Dude - I Know How to Fix You! Fast, Easy Weight Loss

Stop Sweaty Feet from Becoming a Problem

Hey, Balding Dude - I Know How to Fix You!

Since it was discovered that hair loss is hereditary, men can anticipate whether or not they’ll lose their hair as they get older. Even so, hair loss is a very sensitive subject for those unlucky ones born with this common birth defect.

It’s unfair that some people get to look like rock stars and others have to grow old-looking before their time. It’s time something was done about that. That is, something that really works.

For many years, hair transplant surgery has been offered to balding men. The results at first were not very natural-looking, but as the years have gone by, you can’t even tell most men apart from those who have not had the surgery. The downside? It’s painful- and it’s NOT getting any cheaper.

Another hair loss remedy that most everyone knows about is Rogaine, it’s been around for years and was one of the first of its kind. It contains the only FDA-approved hair loss ingredient, which is Minoxidil. The problem with Rogaine is you really have to stick with it and use it precisely as the instructions say if you want it to work. The formula is very greasy feeling and you have to have it on your hair all day. It’s also quite expensive for a regular person.

Other hair loss products have been reported to make you lose your libido. When asked whether they would rather be able to have an erection or have a full head of thick, gorgeous hair, which do you think men would choose? It’s not very “hard” to come up with that answer.

Since Rogaine first came on the market, hair loss products have come a long way. There seem to be millions of them, all making the same promises. So which ones come out ahead? Two products have proven to be better than Rogaine, still containing Minoxidil as it is the only thing that works for hair loss that is over-the-counter.

One of the products is named Scalp Med, the other Provillus. The both work extremely well, although Provillus is much more inexpensive. What’s better yet, neither of them feel as “gross” on your scalp as Rogaine does. Both products deliver the product to return your hair and stop more hair from falling out. And that is exactly what they do.

When researching for this article, I came across the money-back guarantee on Provillus, which goes to show this company is not out to scam you. If your hair doesn’t grow back, it doesn’t cost you a thing. Finally, your hair will grow back. I wish you the best of luck!

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Hey, Balding Dude - I Know How to Fix You!

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