IBS, Hepatitis and Cancer Prevention

IBS, Hepatitis and Cancer Prevention

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At b Healthy we combine research, nutritional information, and personal experience in an effort to assist others battling with these complex conditions that adversely affect your quality of life. In addition to finding personal relief, we have successfully helped many others who are suffering from IBS, Hepatitis and Cancer. Our goal is to share accurate information, practical tips, alternate treatments and home remedies that have improved the quality of life for those dealing with these conditions and illnesses. We do not recommend you abandon your current treatment as the information and suggestions offfered are not cures, but hopefully will assist to get your body fortified and help you move through treatment and deal day to day.


Nearly one third of all americans suffer from digestive disorders. Despite spending billions of dollars each year on over the counter products, few find true relief from their symptoms and the majority make matters worse. Truth of the matter is IBS is not a disease that can be diagnosed and then cured with any one single drug or simple one time treatment. We have found that it takes dedication to a routine, some tears, and a good dose of trial and error experimenting with different dietary combinations to arrive at what we feel is a good sustainable life... read more

Nutrition & Maintenance

Calcium found in plant based diets
Many people avoid milk because it contains saturated fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, lactose sugar and frequent traces of contamination, or because they just don’t feel good after eating dairy products. Milk is also linked to type 1 (juvenile
onset) diabetes and other serious health conditions. Happily, there are many other good sources of calcium. Keeping your bones strong depends more on preventing the loss of calcium from your body than on boosting your calcium intake... read more

Cancer Prevention

Nutrients and diet for cancer
Filling your diet with nutrient rich foods is essential. Grains, nuts, seeds and unpolished brown rice instead of highly refined rich foods full of fats, sugar and toxins will head you in the right direction. You have to remember that there are many things that probably contributed to your condition so you will need to make a change first in your diet so you can enhance and fortify your recovery. Things like sugar, refined flour and deep fried foods deplete your nutrient levels and
have no positive fortification properties... read more


What is hepatitis?
Hepatitis comes in several forms A, B, C, D, E and G. The first three are the most common forms. No matter how you are affected a vital organ is being compromised, that being your liver. What about your liver? Your liver is responsible for filtering out dead cells, toxins, fats, excess hormones, and bilirubin. If your liver is compromised it becomes unable to function normally. As a result your body becomes filled with these toxins... read more