Posted 29 November, 2007 in Exercise apparel

Posted 29 November, 2007 in Exercise apparel

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Home fitness is an excellent idea if you want to tone up, lose weight or get fit. Perhaps you don’t live near a gym or simply don’t like the gym. Not everyone does. There is no point paying for gym membership when you know you’ll make the effort to go a couple of times and then give up. It’s far easier to stick to a fitness program which gives you some degree of enjoyment and satisfaction. And where else can you feel as comfortable as in your own home?

There might be all shapes and sizes at the gym but if you are shy or prefer to work out on your own (or even invite a friend to your house to join you!) home fitness can be a lot of fun. Not only will you save gym membership fees, travel time and the transport fees to get there and back, but you can have quite a lot of flexibility working out in the house. You can get to know what exercises you prefer, what muscle groups you need to work on more and create your own exercise program. You do, however, need to be more disciplined. It’s easy to get bored or tired, stop your workout and turn on the TV instead but you need to decide how long your exercise is going to take every day and stick to that time if you want to see results.

What Equipment Will You Need?

To be honest, you can start with the bare minimum. You don’t need to get one of these huge, expensive home gyms or install floor to ceiling mirrors (unless you have the time and money!) Even if you have limited space, this is not a problem.

You might want to get a set of dumbbells. You can pick these up cheaply at a garage sale if you don’t want to spend much. Other equipment might include a skipping rope, an exercise mat, a stability ball, an exercise video or DVD and some resistance bands. If there is a book about fitness at the garage sale, grab that too!

If you are on a tight budget, a couple of cans of baked beans can be used as dumbbells and a quick run up and down the stairs or around the block costs nothing either.

What Exercises Should You Do?

If you don’t have the benefit of a gym trainer, you need to know a little about the types of exercise that will benefit you the most. It is important to focus on all your muscle groups. Using the floor mat, you can do sit ups, press ups, Pilates or Yoga. To get your heart rate up, you can run around the block or up and down your stairs a few times. You can also jog on the spot. You can find plenty of different exercises for different muscle groups online or in a fitness guide book. It is important to check you are doing the exercises correctly at home, since you won’t be under any supervision and you can injure yourself if you rush into exercises without warming up first or finding out exactly how to do them.
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If you want to get fit, don’t feel you have to join a gym. You can start to get fit at home with minimal space and the most basic of equipment!

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A good weight loss product or weight loss plan will take you through a strict diet regime combined with a very heavy workout so that you can lose weight quickly. A word of caution; you do need to be on the alert to ensure that you are not going to go on a super fast weight loss program that is nothing but a crash diet. While such a plan will help you to lose a certain amount of pounds, once it is over you will most likely put this weight right back on again. Herein is where the bad weight loss cycle begins and continues.

Here Is a Simple, yet Efficient Weight Loss Program For You And It Is Free

Hard to believe? Actually not. Normally, workout programs require a substantial effort, especially in the beginning. However, we often forget that we are made for walking and we would have been millions of pounds lighter if we just had walked a bit more. Why is it so difficult? Why do we have to use the car just to come to the MacDonald two blocks away? We have been too lazy. It’s time for us to stand up and start to walk. Have you noticed how free you are when you walk? Have you ever felt the pleasure and comfort after an hours walk in the woods or by the sea. Come on guys, let’s take a walk.

How To Start A Walking Routine For Weight Loss

The first thing that you need to do is wake up early and go out to a lush green lawn, field or park that is located near your home. Begin by taking a slow, steady 15 minute walk for the first week that you do this. Then, during the second week you should increase this time to 25 minutes and then increase it to 35 minutes the third week. By the fourth week of your program you should be taking walks that last 45 minutes. You should then do this throughout your entire second month. Of course, you are also going to need to exercise some control over your diet in order for this weight loss program to work. While you can still eat whatever you want, you should eliminate all of the fatty and sugary foods and drink at least 20 glasses of water per day.

Let Walking Become A Habit That Sustains Your Weight Loss

If you follow this weight loss program, after three months you should start to increase your pace of walking. Start up with 25% increase. Soon enough you will see the results of the dramatic effect this pace increase has on your metabolism. We are talking about an increased feeling of wellness in addition to your weight loss. As soon as you have achieved your weight loss goal, you can eat some sweet foods as long as you keep walking regularly. If you follow this simple weight loss plan which means you make walking as a habit, the amount of pounds that you lose will be permanent and your body will become as fit as it can be, like fitness models.

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Have you ever thought about starting a personal training business? If so, the time is now. The fitness business is absolutely exploding with growth, and is projected to continue throughout the next decade. Not only is this the best time to be a personal trainer, but you can make more money than ever doing so.

The main reason the fitness training industry is exploding is because the demand for personal trainers is at an all time high. This is all attributed to the obesity epidemic, increases in life expectancy, and a massive desire to live the best quality of life possible, as long as possible.

So who do these aging baby boomers turn to? Professional fitness trainers. Why? Because consulting with a personal training business will assist clients at getting results much faster than if they do it on their own.

Personal trainers, who hold a personal training certification, are highly qualified at creating effective, efficient, and safe exercise programs. They also provide support, and motivation for the fitness participants who just needs that extra push. Fitness trainers really keep clients focused on accomplishing their specific goals, day in and day out.

In return for their skill, they are now considered professionals, and paid very well. The average personal trainer can earn anywhere from $50 - $100 per hour of work. That is not too bad if you pull a ten hour day! More, and more fitness participants are seeing value in paying rates that high. After all, you can’t put a price tag on your health, and well being.

So there is money to be made in the personal trainer industry. However, it is crucial for fitness trainers to plan their business before training the first client. There should be a clear cut, focused business, and marketing roadmap in place before they take in their first dollar bill.

However, what is even more important is a proper personal trainer education. You don’t want to start a personal training business if you are not qualified to do so. This only cheats fitness training clients, and hurts the personal training industry as a whole. Therefore, I highly recommend investing in the proper personal training course, and certification so you have book knowledge to back up your practical fitness knowledge.

The more personal trainer training, also known as continuing education, the better! Successful personal trainers never stop educating themselves on exercise physiology, business, and most importantly, marketing of personal training.

If I had to mention one of the most important skills you need to master to make money as a personal fitness trainer, I would say marketing your personal training business. Marketing is what is going to bring in the dollars, not an extensive knowledge of exercise physiology. Therefore, invest more time in the marketing of personal training.

If you ever thought about starting a personal training business do it now. You will position yourself to ride the wave to financial success. More and more fitness training clients are available each and every day. You can help them, and they can help build your financial future.