The development of pregnancy : 2nd week - The Child Health Blog

The development of pregnancy : 2nd week - The Child Health Blog

The development of pregnancy : 2nd week

The development of pregnancy 2 -week-old fetus , the baby just a tiny ball of cells ,but the mother has recognized the presence of a child and produces HCG ( hormone fertility awareness ) ,you can doing blood tests to know the exact outcome .

Now,let us together to learn about the development of pregnancy in the 2nd week.

Now , the baby just be a tiny ball of several hundred cells are multiplying rapidly . When this cell block ( called a blastocyst ) has resided in your uterus , the part which will develop into the placenta begins to produce the pregnancy hormone HCG ( human chorionic gonadotropin ) ,  Sign the ovaries stop producing eggs and increase the secretion of the hormone estrogen and progesterone , hold your uterus does not remove the lining and the small resident of its and also stimulate the placenta development .

HCG is the hormone that identifies the fertilization , the fetus in this weekend, you can perform a blood test to has a exactly fertilization result . If a negative result but menstruation has not appeared in a few days later , performing the tests again.

During this time, the amniotic fluid began to focus around the cell block in a cavity and will become amniotic sac.  This fluid will be the cushion of your baby in the coming months . At this time , the embryo is receiving oxygen and nutrients ,at the same time removal of waste , through a primitive circulatory system consists of a tube connected to the blood vessels in your baby into the uterus . The placenta is still not developed enough to make this mission until the end of next week .

How is the life changes of mother with 2 weeks old fetus ?

An important event is taking place in your body : A sole sperm has excellent break the strong barrier outside of ovum and carry out the process of fertilization .

 A sole sperm has excellent overcome others sperm to carry out the process of fertilization

A few days after fertilization  , the ovum has been fertilized enters the uterus lining and start to growing . A baby is gradually form in your body ! You may not know that you were pregnant , but you will see the emergence of a small blood spots .This small blood dot is due to the ovum cling on endometrium caused , this process began in the first week on the 6th day after fertilization ,but some people see clearly , some people do not recognize these signs .

The article about the development of pregnancy in 2nd week partly has helped the expectant mothers understand better the early development of the fetus , right? If you have any questions, please propose to to be answer more.

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