Top Tips For Selecting A Health Insurance Company   Savvy Health and Wellness

Top Tips For Selecting A Health Insurance Company Savvy Health and Wellness

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Things To Look For In Health Insurance Companies

When comparing health insurance companies, it is important to find out all hidden costs and expenses.

Health insurance companies are all vying for your business and claiming to offer the best coverage and plans but how do you find affordable insurance to fit your health needs? Whether you are single, starting a new family or reaching your twilight years, health insurance is something everyone should consider. Health insurance is a long-term commitment so here are five things you should consider when taking out a policy.

When evaluating health insurance policies, it is important to look at the small print in regards to pre-existing conditions, assess your current health needs but also anticipate your future needs. If you are planning a family, reaching retirement or have pre-existing health conditions, you will have to look for health insurance plans that have all the inclusions you need now and in the future.

When signing up for a health insurance plan for the first time, you may have to wait a certain time period before you can claim for more expensive items such as orthodontics and obstetrics. It is essential that you do your research and find out the waiting periods for different procedures. From time to time health insurance companies also have promotions and waive their waiting periods.

Most insurance policies are divided into hospital cover or extras which are ancillary services such as optical, dental, physio, remedial massage and more. Hospital cover helps with the cost of the ambulance, doctors fees, theatre and medical expenses for procedures that generally require in-hospital treatment. Many health funds offer allow you to opt for only hospital cover or a combination of both hospital and extras cover.

Health insurance policies are designed to minimise the gap between the cost of the medical procedure and government funded payments such as Medicare in Australia but it is important to know what your out of pocket expenses will be if you need to draw upon your health insurance policy. Some health insurance companies give you the option of paying a higher premium per month and pay less excess for hospital stays for example.

Not only should you do a comparison of health funds to find out what the premium is per month but you should estimate your out-of-pocket liability before signing on the dotted line with a health insurer. Independent websites such as iSelect or Canstar Cannex can give you a quick snapshot of each health fund and help you find a policy that will match your health needs and your budget.

Health insurance gives you piece of mind, more control over what hospital you can go to, what doctor will treat you and most importantly avoid any unnecessary delays in treatment. If you haven’t taken out hospital cover by July 1 following your 31st birthday, you’ll end up paying more when you do decide to take it out. With the Australian Federal Government 30% Rebate on private health insurance, this makes private health insurance companies more affordable so why not find out more about insurance plans today?

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