www.GoodHealthThroughWater.info :: A Solution :: Atopic Dermatitis

www.GoodHealthThroughWater.info :: A Solution :: Atopic Dermatitis

Kangen Water is ionized water created in the process of electrolysis. The pH level of Kangen Water ranges from 8.5-9.5, this is ideal alkaline drinking water! Kangen Water can help to neutralize harmful effects of acid.

Strong Acidic water is created in the same process, but the pH level of Strong Acidic water is 2.7 and below.The water molecules in this water form groups of 5-7. Compared to normal tap water that forms groups of 7-14, this water has a greater ability to reach parts of your body that normal tap water may have difficulty reaching. This unique formation makes it easier for your body to absorb the water.

Strong Acidic water with pH 2.7 has been shown to be effective against skin problems including Atopic Dermatitis.

By combining these two water types, Kangen Water and Strong Acidic water, people are experiencing dramatic improvements.

This video, made by Japan''s national public broadcasting organization NHK, illustrates how Strong Acidic water may have been beneficial in the treatment of children affected with Atopic Dermatitis. Before and after 6 months of treatment.Size: 8.00 min - 12.20MB

Strong Acidic water is easily absorbed by your skin

The moisturizing effect of this water keeps the skin hydrated

Kangen Water helps alkalize your body

The machines that make Kangen Water and Strong Acidic water

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